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All UAP Narrow Door Chains Now TS003 as Standard

Published on 3 October, 2016


TS003 is now the standard for all our narrow door chains! 

The TS003 Narrow Door Chain is Secured by Design approved and exceeds standards set out by the Door and Hardware Federation. 

door chain

Each link is individually welded for an extra strong performance and the chain has always exceeded results when strength tested in our own onsite testing centre, so it made sense to put it through the vigorous testing set out by the Door and Hardware Federation for door chains and limiters. 

TS003:2012 Standard 


 TS003:2102 is the most up to date specification for door chains and limiters and is used in numerous standards within the industry including Secured by Design.

In order to reach TS003:2012, a door chain is tested to see if it can withstand the effects of extreme and repeated force and abuse.

The product is put through tests of both ‘attack mode’ and ‘abuse mode’ and if it is still intact after these tests have been carried out then it will pass.

The test for abuse mode is designed to replicate the actions of someone repeatedly opening and closing a door with some force. Firstly, the door chain is fitted as per the instructions of the manufacturer; it is then subjected to a force of 100N. This is repeated 200 times to see if it can withstand the force without the door opening or the chain breaking. Further to this, the chain must allow the door to close again sufficiently afterwards.

Attack mode is supposed to replicate a strong person shoulder barging or kicking into the door which has the chain installed. A 30 kg sandbag is hung from the door chain to see if it can withstand the force.

Door Chain Performance 

The chain is made with high grade stainless steel which helps achieve its strength and as a result is able to exceed a breaking force of 2KN (200Kg).

When tested with our in house tensile strength machine, chains are tested to 1000N, which is twice the industry standard, and in most cases our chains were exceeding 4000N/ 4KN. In this test the chain is fitted to 2 pieces of wood to ensure fittings are also strong.

chain testing

Fitting and Colours 

Our narrow door chains are available in polished brass, polished chrome or satin silver. They can be fitted to any type of door and are extremely easy to fit. They consist of 3 parts, the chain the holder and the receiving plate and all screws are included.

chain colours

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