UAP Healthcare Range Adds Children's Protective Gear to the Range
Latest News UAP Healthcare Range Adds Children’s Protective Gear to the Range

UAP Healthcare Range Adds Children’s Protective Gear to the Range

Published on 2 June, 2020

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The UAP Healthcare Range has now released a set of PPE for children, featuring 3-layer face masks and facial protection visors in a choice of three designs. This range was introduced to protect children and young people as they begin to go back to school in the coming months after the lockdown has been lifted and schools are reopened. Face coverings are recommended for use in indoor enclosed spaces to prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria as they can help to both protect the wearer from outside germs and keep their own germs trapped inside. Therefore, it is a good idea to equip your child with some protective gear to wear when they’re back in the classroom to protect themselves and others. Likewise, if you work in a teaching environment, orders can be made for larger quantities of masks and shields to be given to the children you work with.

The children’s face masks feature an elastic earloop cover which make them comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time, essential for getting a child to keep the mask on throughout the day (it’s recommended to wear one mask up until lunchtime, take it off to eat, then replace with a new mask for the rest of the day). The three layers of the mask effectively protect the wearer from sprays, splashes and any large-particle droplets that come into contact with it, and the material covers the wearer’s nose, mouth and chin. They are also skin-friendly as the masks are all dye free, chemical free, and fibreglass free, so they contain no irritants that inhibit prolonged use. The earloops should fit snugly around the wearer’s ears, and there is a slim aluminium wire that can be fitted over their nose to sit comfortably and prevent gaps around the nose area that can let particles through.

The facial shields are available in three fun and unique designs on the head band – a rainbow, unicorn and dinosaur, intended to make wearing the visors and seeing them on others less daunting for children, and they’ll be more willing to keep them on throughout the day. The shields provide 180 degree protection from external substances, covering the child’s whole face and neck, and also prevents them from touching their eyes, nose and mouth which is the main way that the virus is spread. They also, like the masks, prevent the spread of internal substances by shielding others from particles if the child coughs or sneezes. The headband features a comfortable foam padding with an elastic strap to make it comfortable and easy to put on. Facial shields can be wiped clean with an anti-bacterial wipe or spray and can then be worn again and again is handled properly.

For more information about the children’s PPE set or the full range of PPE that we provide, please email [email protected] or visit

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