Latest News UAP Fullex Key Wind Lock – Perfect for Pull Handles

UAP Fullex Key Wind Lock – Perfect for Pull Handles

Published on 25 October, 2022

Latest News

New to our product range this year is the UAP Fullex Key Wind Lock, designed specifically for door handles that cannot be lifted up.

Suitable for composite, timber and aluminium doors, the Fullex Key Wind Lock uses a key or thumb turn to engage and retract the bolts and latch. Once the door is closed, the latch cannot be opened without the key.

Requiring less than half a turn to open, the Fullex Key Wind Lock is also cost effective, easy to use, and minimises maintenance.

Julian Roberts, Technical Services Director at UAP said: “The Fullex Key Wind Lock is ideal for pull handles on the doors of residential properties, enabling homeowners to benefit from enhanced security, reliability, and functionality.

“If, for example, an intruder tried to open the door just after someone had entered the house with their shopping, they wouldn’t be able to get in as the latch would hold the door shut.

“A further benefit is the lock’s simplicity. Other key wind locks on the market require the key to be turned between 360 and 720 degrees. With just half a turn needed, the Fullex Key Wind Lock enables the user to enter the door swiftly and easily. This functionality also means there is less risk of technical or maintenance issues further down the line.”

In addition, we have developed a matching escutcheon, providing the option of a full, cost-effective system, including a pull handle, Key Wind Lock, high security escutcheon and 1 Star cylinder.

The design of the Fullex Key Wind Lock is based on the Fullex Crimebeater lock, which is engineered to provide long-term reliability and security. Widely specified, Fullex Crimebeater has been fitted to hundreds of thousands of doors in the UK.

For more information about the Fullex Key Wind Lock, click here, or contact our team of experts on 0161 796 7268 or email

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