UAP Are Back to Work - What We’ve Been Doing During our Break
Latest News UAP Are Back to Work – What We’ve Been Doing During our Break

UAP Are Back to Work – What We’ve Been Doing During our Break

Published on 13 May, 2020

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After a temporary pause to business during the COVID-19 crisis, this week the UAP Group including all our brands are ready to re-open and pick up where we left off.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve used our time during our closure to reorganise ourselves and assess our priorities as a business. A big part of this has been ensuring the safety of all our manufacturing teams, warehouse staff, pickers and packers who are the driving force as we get back to business, and so we’ve been thinking about how we can effectively protect our staff as we return to work.

We plan to effectively enforce social distancing and general virus safety for staff by introducing floor markings throughout our packing and dispatch areas to make it easier for everyone to keep a minimum of two metres distance between each other. We’re also staggering shift patterns to reduce the number of people in one space at any given time. In addition to this last point, we will be ensuring that the same colleagues work on the same shifts together in order to minimise any unnecessary contact with members of different teams. If contact-tracing becomes necessary for any reason, this will make it a lot easier as the numbers of staff mixing during the work day will be made much lower. As well as staggered shifts, staggered breaks have been introduced to make rest times safer, easier and more practical, and we’re ensuring the provision of safety equipment throughout our manufacturing and fulfilment teams.

Safety equipment and PPE are not in short supply for UAP, as we’ve been manufacturing and distributing our own PPE since this crisis began – you can find out more about this here.

If you need a help with products or have delivery questions, our customer care team are full operational from home and are more than happy to help over the phone, or via email. Our head office currently remain closed until further notice.

We hope that you have been staying safe and well during this time and look forward to fulfilling your orders as we gain back our momentum!

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