UAP Radio & TV Campaigns 2017/18

UAP’s £250,000 Radio Campaign!

That’s right! Starting on Thursday 4th May 2017, we launched our brand new radio advert in a number of different locations around the UK.

The adverts feature ex-Coronation Street actor Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt in the soap for over 20 years, and has a very recognisable face and voice:

Coronation Street - June 2000 Gail Platt (HELEN WORTH), Martin Platt (SEAN WILSON), Sarah Louise Platt (TINA O'BRIEN) and baby Bethany Platt [Amy & Emily Walton]

Listen to our 30 second advert below:

What is the aim of the advert and how does it benefit me?

The advert is designed to help educate your customers to think more about their door locks and security when buying a new front door.

They are encouraged to ask you, the manufacturer / installer, for insurance and police approved UAP cylinders and Fullex multi point locks, giving you a big edge on your competitors who do not offer our locks.

As the advert says…
“For home security that’s right up your street, ask your installer today for UAP and Fullex.”

Where will the radio adverts be broadcast?

Over the next year, the adverts will be shown in different areas each month:

UAP’s £300,000 TV Campaign!

Starting June 2017. More information coming soon!