The New iPlate® by Intelligent Hardware
Latest News The New iPlate® by Intelligent Hardware

The New iPlate® by Intelligent Hardware

Published on 1 October, 2020

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UAP’s brand Intelligent Hardware have released a new design of the classic iPlate with brand new features, inspired by the sleek contemporary technology in our modern world.

The iPlate has a unique frameless and slim design, making it the perfect choice for an entryway into any modern home. Created with help from Royal Mail, the iPlate’s innovative design avoids many of the issues associated with regular letterplates, such as its Patent Pending Soft Close feature.

First edition iPlates utilised a unique un-sprung hinge, a magnetic ‘click to close’ feature, and soft plastic brushes moulded into the rubber of the letterplate. The new features of the iPlate take it further by adding internal changes that leave the exterior unchanged and as sleek as ever. With no visible frame, our very own design classic will look good on any door.  It now boasts traditional brushes in front of the aperture and is internally sprung with UAP’s ultra-reliable torsion bar, to give that extra feel of positive closure.

UAP always listens closely to customers; these new features were introduced following customer suggestions and requests to help make your door the best it can be.

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