Latest News The Hardware Intel Podcast Concludes with Third Party Accreditation

The Hardware Intel Podcast Concludes with Third Party Accreditation

Published on 7 April, 2021

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The sixth and final instalment of the Hardware Intel podcast has now been released, sadly bringing an end to UAP’s first adventure into podcasting.

If you’re new to the podcast and just catching up, our six episodes have covered a broad range of topics, including how COVID-19 will affect the industry, effective staff training, how we can make our company operations more sustainable, hardware safety and globalisation, and product testing and certification. TV presenter and property expert Sian Astley hosts each episode, accompanied by UAP’s hardware experts across various fields.

Episode six features UAP’s Specifications Manager, Paul Goggins, and Simon Marr, General Manager of Intelligent Hardware, discussing third party accreditation for fire door hardware. Paul explains that, while UAP’s hardware is sourced from overseas like the majority of hardware producers in the UK, that doesn’t mean that the products lack thorough testing and accreditation, as the products are accredited before they reach us, then go through our own testing process and are finally overseen by a third-party testing organisation such as WarringtonFire and BMTrada.

Paul then goes on to discuss how modern technology has made fire door hardware safer, as systems and devices can be used to read important information from a door, much like reading a microchip in a pet. These systems make it easier to check how up to date a fire door is, what fire rating it has, how it has been accredited, and more, helping to make detection of ineffective fire doors easier so that they can be replaced.

Technology can also help us to detect fires more quickly and automatically compartmentalise a building, both of which help to prevent a fire from spreading beyond its original source, giving people more time to evacuate to safety. A lack of compartmentalisation is one of the serious issues that lead to the Grenfell tragedy being so deadly, as there was little in place to prevent the fire from spreading.

Thankfully, everything that fire door producers do seems to be working, as there are much fewer serious fires in buildings these days. UAP will always be ahead of the curve in testing and accrediting our hardware, as doing so can prevent more incidents like the Grenfell tragedy from happening, saving lives.

We hope that our listeners have enjoyed the series and learned some helpful and interesting information from our experts. Click here to catch up on the previous episodes. Find them on SpotifyApple PodcastsPodfollow, and ListenNotes. Full videos of the podcast episodes can also be found on our YouTube channel.

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