The All New Door Handle Range

Published on 30 August, 2017 | Blog


Whether it’s security or style you’re looking for, we have door hardware solutions for every requirement. Concerned with offering the best in product innovation; The UAP door handle range has been made meticulously and to an extremely high quality – with durability and performance in mind.

UAP Door Handles

If you’re looking for a high quality designed door handle to finish off a door, then the UAP Door Handle range is the answer!

Our extensive range includes high security and standard security front door handles with 219mm and 243mm backplates and the DDA front door handle, as well as the high quality Patio Door Handle.

High Security Door Handle


Designed to withstand handle and cylinder snapping, our Secured by Design approved, High Security handle offers a stylish yet highly secure finish to any door! Packed with a number of security features, the handles are also drill resistant and incorporate attack resistant self- adhesive tabs for extra strength.

Whats more, combining our 2*star high quality door handle with our 1*star cylinder will give you a 3* star security solution for a PAS24 door.

For more information on our High Security Handles click here.

Standard Door Handle


As for the standard security door handle, the tube shaped handle gives a very comfortable grip when operating and has been made to a high quality. For an affordable way of achieving 3* security, it is recommended to combine the handle with our 1* euro cylinder and 2* cylinder guard.

For more on the UAP Door Handle click here.

DDA Front Door Handle

dhsss-ddaThe DDA Front Door Handle has a tube shaped handle, which gives a very comfortable grip when operating. The high quality handle has a curved end, which helps comply with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations, and is ideal for building and facilities that are accessible to disabled people.

As with the Standard Door handle, combining the handle with the UAP 1* cylinder and 2* cylinder guard will give you the best security.

For more on the DDA Front Door Handle click here.

Patio Door Handle


The UAP Patio Door Handle sets the bar for high quality and an easy fit design. The handle has a 219mm backplate which can be easily removed and refitted, should you need to adjust the opening direction of the handle. The handle offers plenty of space for a comfortable grip and comes with our patented screw alignment feature, making it simple for just about anyone to fit.

Find out more about our Patio door handle here.

Nanocoast Handle Range


Designed to combat corrosion, discoloration, and premature aging, we offer door hardware that proves to be long lasting and hardwearing no matter the weather.

Pitting and corrosion can not only leave a discoloured and tarnished look to door hardware but also affect the operational performance of the product. The Nanocoast range has been specifically designed and tested to withstand harsh environments including high sea salt concentrated air, acid rain and general industrially polluted areas.

Each of our Nanocoast products have been salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for at least 2,000 hours to ensure corrosion resilient quality.

Pull Handle Range 


From their robust construction to their stylish stainless steel coating, our Pull Handle range has been made with quality, durability and performance in mind.

Contemporary in design and corrosion resistant; the latest addition to our Straight pull handle range has been developed with style and quality in mind. Now available in a slim version, the straight pull handle is available with a 32 mm diameter for a more stylish and sleek appearance.

For a more robust type of handle, our straight pull handle is available with its original 38 mm diameter, making for a perfect grip especially for those with limited hand movement to grab.

We supply three styles of handle including straight, offset as well as a D shaped product. The straight and offset variations are available in a range of lengths and now include a Mirror polished finish in the Straight pull handle range.

Each pull handle – including the bolts and the fixings – is made from 316 grade stainless steel and included in our Nanocoast range – coming with a LIFETIME coating guarantee.

As part of the Nanocoast range, our pull handles, will continue to function and look at their best no matter what their location – even when exposed to the harshest conditions.

What set our handles apart are the three different fixing options – hidden fixings, bolt through and back to back. All of which offer an extremely strong fixing method whilst concealing the hidden fixings making for a chic and contemporary finish.

Door Knob and Escutcheons


The range also includes the UAP door knob and escutcheon. Contemporary in design, the UAP door knob has been developed to a very high quality and has hidden internal fixings to create a smoother look on the inside of the door.

Designed to seamlessly complement our pull handle range, The UAP escutcheon is sleek in design. Available with added security features, including high tensile strength fixing bolts and a bevelled edge to make the escutcheon difficult to be grabbed by tools, the high security escutcheon has been developed to withstand attack.

Whether you choose the high security option or the standard escutschon, the pull grip feature makes locking the door effortless.

Find out more about our Pull Handle range here.