UAP uPVC Door Spreader

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Size Code Material
455mm DBDSSS Stainless Steel
755mm DBDSSS755 Stainless Steel
455mm + 755mm DBDSSSTWINPACK Stainless Steel

Features Include:

Moves uPVC profile doors in a vertical or horizontal direction
Helps to bypass the locking system on uPVC doors
Very high quality
Fits between the actual door and the door frame
 Does not damage the door or door frame

The use of a door spreader nowadays has grown quickly in popularity with the widespread replacement of standard doors with uPVC doors. The door spreader looks very much like a spade, but has been designed instead to move the uPVC profile enough in a vertical or horizontal direction in order to bypass the locking system on uPVC style doors. The chamfered edge of the door spreader means that you can lever back door seals without causing any damage.

The door spreader is thin enough to fit between the space between the actual door and door frame yet strong enough to take the pressure as you push the door back towards the hinges. This is therefore a great way to gain access to the lock mechanism. You will be able to do this not only with easy but without damaging the door or frame in any way once you have mastered the technique.

The door spreader is very easy to work with and are a very simple lock tool to control. With a little practice you will be able to quickly show off your technique and provide your customers with faster and more professional service. The door spreaders are made of solid high grade stainless steel which helps not only ensure that they are durable enough but help prevent corrosion and rusting over time as like with all other professional tools they may be stored in the back of the truck and thrown about until they are needed again.