UAP Budget Cylinder Snapper Bar

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Finish Code Material
Budget Snapper Bar TLBSB Steel
Euro Cylinder Replacement Head TLBSBEH Steel
Oval Cylinder Replacement Head TLBSBOH Steel

Features Include:

Cylinder snapper bar designed for euro and oval profiles
Very high quality
Capable of snapping cylinders which protrude more than 6mm from the handle
Replaceable heads stops you buying a new bar every time one side becomes worn

The budget snapper bar is high quality, and has been designed for oval profile and euro profile cylinders. One of the big features on the budget snapper bar is that the two oval and euro cylinder heads are replaceable. This means that if you use the budget snapper bar on a certain profile multiple times, and it begins to wear away, you can simply unscrew the damaged side and order a new head for the bar. You no longer need to replace the whole bar, saving you money!

snapper heads together
This particular budget snapper bar is effective on any type of cylinder which protrudes more than 6mm from the door handle. Nowadays, most euro cylinders do not overhang the door handle by more than 3mm, which means that we limit the usage of the budget snapper bar to snapping euro cylinders once the door handles are removed.

The use of a cylinder snapper bar by door installers in Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain is still common and certainly one of the fastest ways to overcome a cylinder door lock. In addition to the snapper bars we also offer replacement heads which make your investment all the more worth it!