UAP Rim Cylinder

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Features Include:

Supplied with 3 keys
Has 6 pins
Can be keyed alike or mastersuited to Kinetica 3* cylinders and UAP 1* cylinders
70mm rim cylinder
Patented anti-bump feature
3 anti-pick pins
4 hardened steel anti-drill pins
Unrestricted keyway makes it easier for customers to get keys cut using the UAP key blank

When we were asked to develop a rim cylinder, we did not just want to launch something that was the same as what is currently in the market. Instead we sat back, asked a lot of questions and sampled a lot of products. And now we believe we have one the best rim cylinders on the market!

The rim cylinder is part of UAP’s super smooth cylinders using the Chris Belcher designed anti-bump timing pin system. This very clever system uses nickel plated hardened steel key pins and driver pins, which gives the anti-drill feature we wanted to incorporate. The Patented timing pins are designed to interrupt the timing of the pins when bumped, and it is highly effective. And because we use special pins rather than trap pins, we do not have a high expense to get this anti-bump feature! The timing pins have inbuilt anti-picks, and mushroom driver pins, which makes them highly effective against picking.

What makes the UAP rim cylinder unique is the fact we have the facility to key alike the Rim Cylinder to our Kinetica 3* Kitemarked euro cylinders and our UAP 1* Kitemarked euro cylinders which is a huge benefit!.

key alike with rim cylinder

We have in-house locksmiths which offer you the option to have keyed alike cylinders, or create customised and complex mastersuite systems.