UAP Plug Blanks and Fixing Plate

CLICK A FINISH TO VIEW Chrome PVD Gold White Satin Stainless

Features Include:

Made from Brass
Clean and contemporary design
Compatible with the UAP Handles
Comes with a 5 year coating guarantee!


The UAP Plug Blank have been made with ease of fitting and high quality in mind. The UAP Plug Blank are ideal for when a euro cylinder is not required.

Designed to simply cover the euro cylinder slot, the Plug Blank creates a neat and tidy finish to the handle, while offering added security to the door.

The UAP Plug Blank is available in three different finishes including Chrome, PVD Gold and White. These accessories add style to the handle and come with 5 year coating guarantee.

UAP Fixing Plate 

The Fixing Plate is used to permanently fix the handle in place. The dummy spindle gives a solid fix to the handle to ensure the handle is non moving.

Fixed to the backplate of the handle, this simple yet effective plate prevents the turn of the lever, adding extra strength and security to the door.