UAP Door Closer – Size 3

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Features Include:

Size 3 architectural door closer
Suits doors with 60kg maximum weight
Suits doors with 2100mm x 950mm maximum size
Universal application
Two installation options
Adjustable closing speed
Adjustable latching speed
Stable closing time – submitted to temperatures between -15⁰C and 40⁰C
Tested to 500,000 operating cycles
60 minute fire resistant – Fire tested to BS EN 1634 for FD60 timber doors and FD240 steel doors
CE Tested to BS EN 1154 for 1121 CPD-AD-0169

When it comes to door hardware, there are a variety of great products that you can offer to your customers. Doors in heated or cooled high traffic areas are frequently left open, meaning that a lot of money can be wasted on electricity. But by simply fitting a quality door closer, the door will close smoothly after each person that walks through, keeping the temperature in that area constant. And if the door needs to stay opened, it can be adjusted accordingly to guarantee fully comfort and versatility.

The UAP Architectural Door Closer offers many impressive features. It is size 3 and 2 Valve Adjustment is designed for easy and fast adjustment of the closing and latching speeds of the closer, and the universal application features non handed for standard top jamb. There are two installation options on the door closer. To make fitting easier and more versatile, the door closer can be installed parallel or corner bracket.