Fullex XL Exodus Panic Exit System

Features Include:

XL Exodus Panic Hardware is the only emergency exit system that can be used with Fullex multipoint locks. It comes with a full width, powder coated steel crash bar which can quickly be pushed to release the lock and open the door – allowing anyone inside to exit swiftly and safely. Re-engaging the locking system is also simple, as it just requires the crash bar arm to be lifted back into position.

  • For use on single PVCu, composite, timber, aluminium or steel doors
  • Designed for use with the Fullex XL and the Fullex XL Crimebeater locks
  • Comes with matching slave unit with one piece or individual keep sets available
  • Full width crash bar with optional extra handle
  • Panic bar made with powder coated steel
  • CE marked
  • Cycle tested to 200,000 operations
  • Conforms to EN 1125.2008 classification
  • Corrosion resistance tested to BS EN 1670 Grade 4 for 240 hours
  • Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification
  • PAS 24
  • Comes with a 10 year mechanical guarantee
Secured by DesignPAS 24

For use on PVCu, Composite, Timber, Aluminium and Steel Doors

Features Include:

Compatible with the XL and XL Crimebeater PAS24 lock range
Designed for uPVC, Composite, Timber, Aluminium and Steel single doors
Conforms to EN 1125.2008
Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification
PAS24 tested
CE marked
It comes with a 10 year guarantee
Full width crash bar with optional external handle
Panic crash bar made with powder coated steel
It can be used with one piece keep or individual keeps
Resistant to corrosion - BS EN1670 Grade 4 (240 hours)

The Fullex XL Exodus Panic Exit System is the only panic bar system for use with Fullex multi point locks, such as the Fullex XL and XL Crimebeater PAS24 and Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification approved lock range, which provides a rapid way out from the inside whilst still retaining maximum security on the outside.

The XL Exodus comes with a full width powder coated steel crash bar with an optional external handle, making it perfect for emergency exits whilst it is also possible to open the door from the outside.

With a 10 year guarantee, this CE marked panic hardware has been designed for use on uPVC, Composite, Timber, Aluminium or single Steel doors and it can be used with one piece keep or individual keeps.

The XL Exodus is corrosion resistant as it has been tested to BSEN1670 Grade 4 for 240 hours, offering you peace of mind. It has also been cycle tested to 200,000 operations.

Product Codes:

Product Code With External Operating Handle

Technical Info:

Technical Data:

Corrosion Resistance BS EN1670 Grade 4 (420 Hours)
Cyclic Operation Cycle Tested to 200,000 Cycles


Top and Bottom Hook: Hardened cast steel
Deadbolt: Hardened cast steel
Centre Hook: Sintered steel
Faceplate: 16 or 20mm silver passivated mild steel, white or brown 44mm PVCu with matching hingeplate
Gearbox: Silver passivated steel
Push Pad and Slave Unit: Powder coated steel
Crash Bar: Powder coated steel

testing icon

Cyclic Operation

The cyclic operation machine tests the operation and use of each multi point lock. The machine works by fitting the multi point lock in to a door, and then adding a handle and cylinder. The machine will then cycle test the lock by turning the cylinder to unlock; pull the handle down to open the door; close the door; lift the handle to engage the multi point hooks, and then finally lock the cylinder. This gives a true test of how the multi point lock will work in a real life situation.

Each multi point lock is cycle tested to 200,000 cycles.


Salt Spray Test

This machine tests the corrosion resistance of the multi point locks. The salt spray cabinet produces a corrosive environment, by releasing a dense saline fog into the chamber which the multi point locks are exposed to. This creates an accelerated corrosion of the MPL and allows us to test how well the locks would stand up in harsher environments.

The multi point locks are tested to BS EN1670 grade 4 for 420 hours.


Exodus Tech Sheet

Size: 385 KB | Type: pdf

Exodus Operating Instructions

Size: 167 KB | Type: pdf

Fullex Repair Case Brochure

Size: 8 MB | Type: pdf

Product Guarantee

We guarantee the multi point lock and finish against the following;

Surface Coating Failure

We guarantee that the multi point locks have a 5 year inland coating guarantee (defined as 25 miles from the coast or 5 miles from a highly populated industrial area) subject to;

1. The multi point locks are applied to a door and no item of door furniture on the door or window frame are sealed or fixed using any form of silicone sealant or the like

2. The multi point locks are fixed correctly using the correct fixings and are not scratched or damaged at any time during the installation process or thereafter

3. The multi point locks are cleaned monthly with a moist cloth and not with any form of cleaning agent

4. The internal workings are lightly sprayed with 3 in 1 or a light machine oil (or similar) every 12 weeks

5. No claim will be accepted for any multi point lock that is scratched or mutilated or fitted incorrectly

Mechanical Failure

We guarantee that the multi point locks will not fail mechanically in normal use during the 10 year guarantee period subject to the conditions outlined above.

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