Door Handle Drill Point Template

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Product Code
Handle Drill Point Template TL-HANDLEDRILLTEMPLATE

Features Include:

Identifies door handle fixing points
Works on both short and long door handle backplates
Glows in the dark

Please Note – The Door Handle Drill Point Template is only available as part of the Tradelocks uPVC Door Opening Kit!

This clever Patent Pending handle drill point template from UAP has been manufactured to identify the fixing points on both short back plate and long back plate style door handles. It has also been designed to offer some glow in dark lighting, which will enable you to locate the drill point in total darkness!

The door handle drill point template also removes the requirement to balance a torch under your chin, so you have total freedom of movement. All outer door handles have smooth surfaces, protecting and safeguarding the fixing bolts. These fixing bolts are typically fixed from the inside of the property. The Door Handle Drill Template is a very clever yet simple device to to locate approximately where the fixing bolt holes are.