Cylinder Cam Turner

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Cylinder Cam Turner TLCAMTURNER

Features Include:

Designed to fit into a lock once it has been snapped
Square pegs fit into the standard spindle sections
Made from high quality ABS

Lock snapping goes beyond simply snapping a lock, once it is snapped the lock still needs to be opened and the UAP Cylinder Cam Turner is the tool to help you do this easily and with speed.

Featuring a high quality ABS, the cylinder cam turner is inserted into the lock once it has been snapped. The Euro cylinder is then opened quickly via the dummy cam on the side of the domestic locksmith tool. For turning, the end of the cylinder cam turner features square pegs which fit into the standard spindle sections. Whether you are a professional locksmith, door installer, work maintenance or security in a building this tool is an absolute essential.

The UAP Cylinder Cam Turner features an impressive design making it very comfortable and easy to use. Manufactured of high quality materials this cylinder lock tool will work time and again and never fail you as you are out on a job.