Cylinder + Cylinder Guard Pre-Fitted

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Features Include:

Secured by Design approved
Part of the UAP cylinder £5,000 guarantee scheme
Sacrificial cut lines on both sides of the cylinder
Patented anti-bump feature
Has 3 anti-pick pins per side
4 hardened steel anti-drill pins per side
Cylinder Guard has a blind end anti-drill design body shape to prevent drill attacks
Curved edges stop mole grip attack
Anti-axial rotation lugs prevents twist attack
Special grade high strength high impact metal
Close head tolerance stops screwdriver insertion


secured by design

Created in accordance with the British Standards Kitemark, and also awarded the “Secured by Design” approval by the Association of Police Officers, the high security Double 1* Kitemarked euro cylinder and pre-fitted cylinder guard is ideal for inexpensive home security installation.

The cylinder + cylinder guard is simply inserted from the exterior side of the door. All that is needed is to secure the cylinder as normal with the machine screw and fit the back end of the guard with the cap bolt, saving the fitter time when installing as the cylinder is already lined up perfectly to the guard.

Each cylinder is packed full of security features, and can be fitted to any external door in order to ward off criminals that attempt to use the most popular break-in methods. This very clever system uses nickel plated hardened steel key pins and driver pins, creating the anti-drill feature and is part of UAP’s super smooth cylinders using the Chris Belcher designed anti-bump timing pin system.

The Patented timing pins are designed to interrupt the timing of the pins when bumped, and it is highly effective. And because we use special pins rather than trap pins, we do not have a high expense to get this anti-bump feature! The timing pins have inbuilt anti-picks, and mushroom driver pins, which makes them highly effective against picking. FR60 small

The cylinders have been tested to EN1303:2005, and are also 1 hour fire resistant! The cylinders also have a sacrificial cut line on them. If force is applied to the end of the cylinder in an attempt to break the cylinder to gain access, on standard cylinders, the weakest part of the cylinder is the screw hole which is in the centre of the cylinder (as there is less metal here). When force is applied, the cylinder will break away at this screw hole, making it very easy to manipulate the cylinder into opening.

On the UAP Double Kitemarked Euro Cylinder, the cylinder will break away to the sacrificial cut line only, leaving the locking mechanism intact. If the cylinder is broken at this sacrificial cut line, the last 2 pins in the chamber remain in the cylinder, meaning that the cylinder can still be locked and unlocked with the key.

The sacrificial cut lines are also on both sides of the cylinder, meaning that the cylinders are reversible and can be fitted any way around. This helps to greatly reduce stock holdings, especially if you supply a range of different sized cylinders.

The cylinder guard comes with many features not commonly found in other cylinder guards. The blind end at the front of the cylinder guard hides the cylinder guard screw, so it is extremely hard to locate if someone is trying to drill it out (a common problem on most other cylinder guards).

An anti-rotation axel has also been engineered into the guard, which is rectangle in shape and not circular. This makes it very hard for people trying to twist the guard apart. Also the curved edges make it very difficult for it to be gripped with mole grips.

The UAP cylinder guard can be used as a good solution for PAS24. With easy fitting and fast results it’s a great choice.

Part of the UAP Cylinder Guarantee Scheme


The cylinder comes with a key fob which includes a serial number. Customers can register the cylinder on our website to activate their guarantee. What’s more, customers will also have access to ‘My Keys.’ This allows the customer to keep a record of their key number and an image, so if they ever lost all of their keys, they can log in to the website and simply take the key number and image to a key cutter to get cut. This will save them the expense of having to replace their cylinder!