Black Iron Letterplate

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Features Include:

 Made from solid cast iron
Can be fitted with the black iron letterplate tidy plain
 Durable and heavy
Black powder coated
Ideal for cottages and period properties


The traditional black iron letterplate from UAP has a classic design that is perfect for cottages and period properties, as well as large wooden doors and rustic interiors. Made from solid cast iron, the black iron letterplate is durable and has superior strength. It is black powder coated to give a high quality finish.

The black iron letterplate is a practical solution for entrance doors in residential and commercial properties. It can also be fitted with the black iron letterplate tidy plain, which makes the inside of the door look very neat.

The UAP black iron door hardware range is available in a number of different products including black iron front door handles, black iron letterplates and black iron door chains.

Black Iron Letterplate