Latest News Unlock with Ease – New Easy-Grip Thumb Turn Caps

Unlock with Ease – New Easy-Grip Thumb Turn Caps

Published on 4 April, 2022

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Triangle Easy-Grip Thumb Turn Cap

UAP is introducing two new easy-grip thumb turn cylinder extensions designed for accessibility for people with arthritis and limited hand dexterity, such as the elderly. Each cap is made from the same material as our Bio Keys partnered with the Kinetica+ K4, which are treated with a biocidal additive that repels Staph and E-Coli. When fitted to a Kinetica+ K4 lock and combined with our Bio Keys, our thumb turn caps create the ultimate germ-stopping entryway. Read more about our Bio Keys here.

Each easy-grip thumb turn cap is soft and keeps a warm temperature, preventing hands from getting too cold to operate the lock easily. They cover the hard metal thumb turn that can be difficult for those with dexterity issues to use.

Our small, clear thumb turn comes free with all Kinetica+ K4 thumb turn locks. The red triangle option has the added advantage of an ergonomic design, and can suit the Kinetica+ K4, Kinetica 3 star, UAP+ 1 star and all TL standard thumb turn Euro cylinders with a stadium shaped thumb turn. They are Secured by Design and BSI Kitemark approved. Click here to view the red triangle cap on our website.

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