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New Child Safe 3* Kinetica Cylinder

Published on 20 August, 2018


Powered by UAP’s patented anti-bump system and Fullex’s anti-snap security features, the Kinetica offers a highly secure and affordable 3* security solution!

We are always striving to develop products that are not only highly secure but are practical and aesthetically appealing.

Our brand new thumb turn Kinetica features a child safe system. This unique patented design requires that the thumb turn is pushed in first before it will engage and open.

The Kinetica thumb turn cylinder also protects properties from common burglary attacks. The push to turn design means that if a strap is placed over the thumb turn from the outside, the thumb turn will just spin instead of engaging and opening.

How does it work?

Special Features

Our Kinetica incorporates many special features to defend against common lock breaking techniques.

Anti-Bump System

Our patented anti-bump timing pin system uses nickel plated hardened steel pins, designed to interrupt the timing of the pins when bumped.

Trap pins, commonly used in many other cylinders on the market to prevent lock bumping, will completely lock up once bumped. However, this prevents people from operating the cylinder from the inside. The absence of trap pins in the Kinetica therefore prevents the possibility of cylinder entrapment.

Anti-Snap Lines

The new and improved Kinetica now features a second sacrificial cut located before the cam, to prevent the manipulation of the cam.

As well as featuring sacrificial cut lines – designed to snap off at these lines only in the case of an attack – the Kinetica features the Fullex anti-tilt mechanism to protect the lock bolt.

Once a cylinder is snapped it becomes unbalanced with the inner section becoming heavier and causing the cylinder to tilt. This exposes a small gap for an intruder to then access the lock bolt and gain access. However the innovative Fullex anti-tilt ring featured within the Kinetica design prevents the titling of the cylinder.

The cylinder also features central strengthening bars to reinforce the core and therefore add further cylinder snapping protection.

The Kinetica Axial Movement Attack System (KAMAS), offers even more protection to the rotation cam as it stops it being turned when the cylinder is snapped. The Kamas defence system allows the drive bar to move axially backwards within the cam and has a bevelled shaped end preventing it being grabbed with a tool. The Kamas Drive bar is the key to the defence system. And now it features a stainless steel pin in the drive bar to provide further protection from drilling the bar out.

Anti-Drill Pins

As all moving pins are made with Nickel plated, hardened steel, this makes it extremely difficult to drill.

Anti-Pick Pins

The cylinder features a selection of anti-pick pins on either side of the cylinder to making it extremely difficult for a burglar to pick.

If you are looking for a 3* security solution for PAS24 doors without the need for 2* handles then you need to look no further.

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