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Nanocoast Door Viewers can Weather the Storm

Published on 16 November, 2015


Are your customer’s door viewers looking a little under the weather? Do your customers live in a coastal area or somewhere particularly polluted, and find rust and corrosion is ruining their door hardware? Look no further then our range of Nanocoast door viewers.


We have developed a range of products that can withstand the elements like none other on the market. The marine grade door viewers come armed with the perfect materials to stand up to harsh environments.

Using 304 grade stainless steel, which has been deemed the perfect material and grading to supply rust free, corrosion resistant door furniture. Nanocoast products are put through vigorous testing to make sure it can hold up in high sea salt concentrated air, acid rain and general industrially polluted areas. Each of the products has been salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for at least 2,000 hours!

All of the products in our Nanocoast range are made from 304 grade Stainless steel, which contains only 18% chromium and 8% nickel, as well as having low carbon content. The reason we have chosen this grade is the cost to material effectiveness comparative. Upgrading to a 316 grade stainless is considerably more expensive and is often only used when you need a higher resistance to solutions such as sulphuric acid and chlorides at high temperatures.

Alternatively, downgrading to a 200 grade stainless steel will ensure an even cheaper product, but in turn will jeopardise the corrosion busting qualities. A 200 grade stainless steel product would carry lower nickel content and the replacement would come from magnese, which is much less effective at resisting rust and acid wear.

Secure your door from burglars and bad weather

nano door viewer

Door viewers are a fundamental security accessory as you should never open a door without knowing who is on the other side. A spyhole does more than just allow you to ignore unwanted guests; it can protect you against burglars and scams.

The range covers more than just door viewers; you can get the full range of Nanocoast products for maximum protection from the weather. From door knockers, letter plates, door handles and even decorative letters and numerals. For Nanocoast, it really is a breeze to keep your door hardware rust free.

To find out more about these products check out: or contact the UAP sales team on 0161 796 7268.

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