Make Home Improvement your New Year’s Resolution!
Blog New Year, new you? Forget Self Improvement – Make Home Improvement your New Year’s Resolution!

New Year, new you? Forget Self Improvement – Make Home Improvement your New Year’s Resolution!

Published on 7 January, 2016


Good intentions of self-improvement for the New Year? Why not turn your attention to home improvement and make a resolution you can keep!

Want a New Year’s resolution that will actually make a difference this year? It’s the time of year for detox, cleanses and a rise in gym memberships; but statistics show that of those who make new year’s resolutions 63% fail to keep them, and 43% of those people don’t even make it through January sticking to theirs. With that in mind, why not make your resolution one that’s a little more permanent and turn your attention from self-improvement to home improvement.

By improving the quality of your home and its security solutions this January, you could be securing more than just your property but securing peace of mind for the year to come – long after gym memberships have been cancelled and diet plans have been buried under takeaway menus.

Our products will not only liven up the appearance of your doors and windows with their aesthetically appealing designs and pristine finishes, but they are made with practicality in mind, and will help keep you safe and secure.

Locks, letter plates, letters and numerals; here at UAP we cater to your every door hardware need. We have safety in mind with our Salamander Fire Check range, which will not only look fantastic on your door but will ensure you’re as protected as you can be from the risks of fire and smoke. The Nanocoast range takes care of all the worries those living in coastal, industrial or highly polluted areas may have with rust and corrosion. It has been developed using the perfect grading of stainless steel to both withstand rust and remain cost effective.

Many of our products are ‘Secured by Design’ meaning they are designed with security in mind and have been approved as products which defend against crime by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

From our period black iron door hardware collection to our mirror polished pieces and our gold and silver anodised finished products; we have a range of materials and finishes to suite every taste and need. More importantly, with our colour match solution you won’t have to worry about finding products that coordinate.

Secure more than just your home, but the peace of mind that your family and property is safe this year and all the ones to follow. Click here to check out the full range of UAP products!


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