Add style to any front door with the innovative iPlate
Blog Add style to any front door with the innovative iPlate

Add style to any front door with the innovative iPlate

Published on 29 May, 2018


The 12 inch iPlate adds style to the front door thanks to its unique frameless design. The frameless and slim design is the perfect choice for any modern home.

In addition to its sleek appearance, the design of the iPlate is what really sets it apart visually from all other letterplates!

With the iPlate we wanted to eliminate the flaws found on other letterplates, so we consulted with the Royal Mail during design. The iPlate provides a solution to fingers getting caught and to bristles falling off.

The iPlate utilises a unique un-sprung hinge and a magnetic ‘click to close’ feature using magnets to keep the letterplate closed firmly and secure even in windy conditions. Its soft close mechanism stops the flap slamming down, preventing fingers being caught.

The iPlate incorporates soft plastic brushes that are designed to stay in place and not break away due to them being integrally moulded into the rubber of the letterplate. As with all our letterplates within our extensive range, the  brushes are on the outside, making it easier for letters to be pushed through.

Plus… not only do these outward facing brushes act as a visual deterrent to vandals, but it makes much more difficult to post unwanted items through the letterplate.

Nanocoast Range 

The iPlate is available in a range of finishes, with the Mirror Polished, PVD Gold and Stain Stainless finishes being made with 316 grade stainless steel as part of the UAP Nanocoast range.

Whatever the property, whatever the location,  the iPlate is suitable for every requirement. It’s corrosion proof construction is designed to combat rust and discoloration – often a result of being exposed to the likes of water, salt and acid rain.

As part of the Nanocoast range, our products are stringently tested to ensure they  continue to function and look at their best no matter what environments you put them in.

Find out more about the innovative iPlate range here!

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