Latest News Hardware Intel: Ear Edition Episode 1

Hardware Intel: Ear Edition Episode 1

Published on 5 November, 2020

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In the debut episode of Hardware Intel: Ear Edition, host Sian Astley and UAP guests discuss how the door hardware industry will react to the changes implemented through COVID-19.

David Jennings, CEO and founder of UAP, tells us how he started in the door hardware industry, explains what smart technology is, the security problems it can bring, discusses anti-bacterial products and tells us what’s next for UAP. Barry Halpin, UAP’s National Sales Director, discusses how COVID-19 has made the retail, trade and domestic hardware market boom and gives us insight into hardware maintenance and different door types.

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Topics covered in this Episode 1:

  • It started with a door knocker – how UAP was born
  • What affect will COVID-19 have on the hardware and door industry
  • What is smart technology and what are the benefits of it?
  • Security on smart technology
  • Anti-bacterial door hardware
  • Door hardware maintenance
  • Door types and security
  • Technological advances within the industry
  • What’s next for UAP

Products mentioned in Episode 1:

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