Ease out of Lockdown with our COVID-Safe Hardware
Latest News Ease out of Lockdown with our COVID-Safe Hardware

Ease out of Lockdown with our COVID-Safe Hardware

Published on 1 March, 2021

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As the UK Government outlines our gradual exit from COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions, many of us will be preparing for life on the other side.

However, many of the vulnerable who are yet to be vaccinated will likely be more cautious about getting back to normal.

We’re all used to social distancing and wearing protective gear, but another thing to consider is making our homes more COVID safe. Most shops and businesses now use plastic panels to separate people – for example, at a supermarket checkout – to prevent the spread of germs, and things can also be done at home to keep residents protected as visitors begin to become more frequent.


UAP’s unique contactless entry slots were initially designed for the passing of ID cards or other material to verify the identity of the visitor to protect against rogue traders and bogus callers, but they can also function as an extra layer of protection against the virus in your home. Prescription cards, shopping lists, and any small pieces of paper or cards can be passed through without spreading germs between the people on either side.

Simply lift up the sliding latch of the Isolating Contactless Entry Slot from the inside to pass or receive items into your home contact-free, and put the latch back down after use.

It should also be noted that Coronavirus can be spread via surfaces which may be passed through the door via the slot or letterbox, but it is very unlikely that the virus will be spread from inside packages and envelopes etc. Wipe down the exteriors of the items you receive through the slots with anti-bacterial wipes and wash your hands thoroughly for added protection.

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Door viewers allow you to see who is on the other side of your door without opening it, and it’s recommended that for safety reasons, no door should be opened to a visitor without first checking who it is. If you’re still in a bubble or shielding, you can check that your visitor is someone you’re expecting before you open the door to them.

UAP offers a range of wide-angled door viewers which have the added security benefit of allowing the user to see beyond the limited straight-ahead view of standard door viewers; some visitors may attempt to hide out of sight, but a wide angled door viewer will be more likely to expose them to the inhabitant.

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If you see that a visitor is not someone you know or are not expecting, keep them out with UAP door chains. We offer narrow TS003 or sliding door chains, made from high grade steel and fire rated.

Door chains prevent your door from being forced open by an unwanted visitor or intruder, so they’re an essential safety feature of any front door. Our door chains can withstand breaking forces of over 2kN (200kg), as each individual chain in the link is machine welded.

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