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Don’t get Trapped by Trap Pins

Published on 26 January, 2016


UAP Cylinders keep thieves out without keeping you in!

Looking for the key to lock-bumping prevention? Many lock manufacturers claim using trap pins is the solution to beat bumping, but we have come up with a way of keeping burglars out without keeping an occupant locked in!

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Trapped by Trap Pins

The problem with using trap pins is an occupant can get locked inside the property. Until a locksmith can change a lock that has been attacked, it will be impossible to open from the inside. This is common in many anti-bump cylinders. It is the phenomenon of cylinder entrapment and what happens is once the lock is bumped the trap pins completely lock up the cylinder. So even though it does defend against lock bumping, it’s not massively convenient to the occupier and could potentially be a fire hazard.

Trap pins work by resting against a cylinder when it is locked. They are triggered when the cylinder is rotated however if the key is in the lock they stay in place as the key pins pass underneath. If the cylinder is turned without the correct key then the trap pins will force themselves into the empty chamber and relock the cylinder.

What is Lock Bumping?

Bumping locks has become one of the most common methods of forced entry, and it can also be one of the most troublesome for a homeowner as it leaves no evidence the lock has been attacked, making insurers reluctant to pay out.

A ‘bump’ key is hit into a lock which causes the pins in the cylinder to bounce up and down, eventually tricking the cylinder into opening. On the bump key, each ridge is cut to maximum depth; it is inserted into the cylinder and gently bumped forcing the pins in the lock to the sheer line.

The only way to be protected from this form of lock breaking technique is to upgrade to anti-bump cylinders.

Beat Bumping the Right Way

Our patented timing pin system gives you all the protection from bumping, minus the hassle of using trap pins.

The anti-bump system in the UAP cylinder not only makes turning the key extra smooth but the patented timing pins are used to stop cylinder entrapment.

We wanted to develop a system based on the pins in the cylinder and find a way to pin cylinders cheaply. We looked at how bumping works and studied bump keys. We came up with the zero lift advance system which uses a revolutionary timing pin system that controls the physical timing when a cylinder has been bumped.

We knew with the expertise of renowned locksmith Chris Belcher we could come up with an even better solution to lock bumping then the zero lift solution we already had, and we came up with timing pin system which was designed to interrupt the timing of the pins once they’d been bumped. The timing pins also have built in anti-picks and mushroom driver pins – making them very effective against picking as well!

Trap pins are very expensive to install into a lock and so by using the timing pin system instead, the cylinders can be made much less expensively. This means we can provide a much cheaper product – making having an anti-bump solution not only more practical but much more affordable.

For more information or to get your hands on an anti-bump solution that won’t leave your customers stuck, call our sales team 0161 796 7268, or click here.




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