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Document Q: Door Viewers and Door Chains

Published on 9 March, 2016


‘The main doors for entering a dwelling (usually the front door) should have a door viewer unless other means exist to see callers, such as clear glass within the door or window next to the doorset. The same doorset should also have a door chain or limiter

– Document Q

This month UAP are helping you get Document Q compliant by highlighting all of our products  that accommodate the new guidelines. The Document which has now been in effect for 5 months states main entrances must be installed with a door viewer and door chain, and we have a range of products that fit the bill:

All UAP Door Viewers


Now that door viewers are considered essential door hardware on new builds, we have a selection of viewers of different sizes and finishes. Our fire resistant door viewers come with revolutionary intumescent that helps stop the spread of fire, and Nanocoast viewers are designed to last longer in harsher environments. We supply wide angle viewers ideal for the elderly and those in wheelchairs by giving a broader view, and we have our very own selection of Secured by Design spyholes.

All of the viewers have undergone stringent testing, so you know the product your getting will stand up. Tested on angle of vision, corrosion resistance, visual clarity and both its resistance to misting and ability to clear up afterwards.


Door Restrictors

door restrictor

This is an excellent alternative to a door chain and has been designed for those with limited hand movement and arthritis. It is simple to fit and will go easily onto any door, giving the highest possible security against forcible door entry.

This solid locking bar comes in 2 finishes and is 1 hour fire rated.

Sliding & Narrow Door Chains


Whether is it a narrow or sliding door chain you are after, our chains are made from high grade stainless steel and can exceed a breaking force of 200NM. Each link of the door chain is individually soldered giving it its extra strength.

They are available in 3 finishes and are suitable for every door size.

We now supply a High Security door chain which is Secured by Design Approved, complying with TS003.

To check out these products and more go to or call the UAP sales team on 0161 796 7268.

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