Contactless Door Hardware - Helping Britain’s Self-Isolating Stay Safe
Latest News Contactless Door Hardware – Helping Britain’s Self-Isolating Stay Safe

Contactless Door Hardware – Helping Britain’s Self-Isolating Stay Safe

Published on 19 May, 2020

Latest News

To help protect at-risk people or those who are currently self-isolating at home, UAP can provide Isolating Contactless Entry Slots for your front door, making it easy to pass items such as lists for shopping and prescriptions from either side of the door without the need to fully open it and expose people on either side to the potential risk of COVID-19.

The slots were initially designed for the passing of ID cards or other material to verify the identity of the visitor to protect against rogue traders and bogus callers, but they can now function as an extra component of protection against the virus in your home. With the slots, the front door acts as a protective shield for both parties, barring germs and bacteria from spreading between the two.

Simply lift up the sliding latch of the Isolating Contactless Entry Slot from the inside to pass or receive items into your home contact-free, and put the latch back down after use.

It should also be noted that Coronavirus can be spread via surfaces which may be passed through the door via the slot or letterbox, but it is very unlikely that the virus will be spread from inside packages and envelopes etc. Wipe down the exteriors of the items you receive through the slots with anti-bacterial wipes and wash your hands thoroughly for added protection.

In addition to improving your home security, UAP Isolating Contactless Entry Slots are also fire rated for 30 minutes on timber and Nan Ya composite doors. They are available in six different finishes and come in a 20-40mm thickness size.

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