Why Choose the UAP Narrow TS003 Door Chain?
Blog Why Choose the UAP Narrow TS003 Door Chain?

Why Choose the UAP Narrow TS003 Door Chain?

Published on 17 October, 2016



Secured by Design approved, tested to TS003 standards and designed for an extra strong performance, our Narrow TS003 Door Chain is one of the most secure on the market, as proven by our vigorous testing.


– Made from high grade steel 
– Individually machine welded links 
– Suitable for every door type 
– Available in satin stainless, polished brass and polished chrome 
– Exceeds a breaking force of 2KN(200kg) 
– Exceeds standards set out by the Door and Hardware Federation, Ts003, for door chains and limiters
Secured by Design approved
– 1 hour fire rated 

secured by design

The Secured by Design Initiative

Secured by Design is the official and leading initiative created by police associations that work towards fighting crime with improved home security.

The initiative sets out the benchmark for manufacturers of security products, and the certificate is given to the products that meet the standards of ‘designed for security’ by showing they are of a high standard and display evidence of preventing criminal action.

The scheme runs on the principal of ‘designing out crime.’ This is the notion that properties should be designed in such a way that they are protected and show resistance from burglary and other criminal damage. The scheme aims to stamp out crime by acknowledging the quality of security products when planning homes.

By being awarded Secured by Design approval, our products show they are a recognised security product and have proven to meet security standards set out within the industry.

Why are door chains so important?

Door chains are extremely necessary for the overall security of a door. They make it possible to have a conversation with a caller and truly learn their identity before they have full access to a property. Door step crime is on the up and it is as important as ever for homeowners to be vigilant when someone calls.

By installing a door chain an occupant is still able to communicate with someone at the door but without having to fully open their home up to them.

Why would a burglar break in when they can just knock? By installing the simplest of measures such as a door chain, an occupant is safeguarded from any unwanted guests.

For more information about our narrow TS003 Door Chain click here.


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