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25 November, 2015

Don’t Open Doors for Burglars: Doorstep Crime, What you need to know!

Whether it is rogue traders, cold callers, bogus officials or phony authority figures; the instigators of doorstep crime can come in all disguises and masquerades. Why would a criminal bother trying to break into a home when they can just knock and be invited in? Door step crime is a scam…

16 November, 2015

Nanocoast Door Viewers can Weather the Storm

Are your customer’s door viewers looking a little under the weather? Do your customers live in a coastal area or somewhere particularly polluted, and find rust and corrosion is ruining their door hardware? Look no further then our range of Nanocoast door viewers. We have developed a range of…

11 November, 2015

The Cylinder to Stop Burglars

UAP+ Cylinders help protect against burglary according to security consultant on ITV’s This Morning. Dark nights give burglars ‘confidence to commit crime’ according to highly successful security consultant and former burglar Michael Fraser. The lock breaking expert appeared on ITV’s…

4 November, 2015

See to Security: Install a UAP Door Viewer

Often people overlook the importance of having a door viewer. They are massively important to the overall security of the door. No one would leave their door open or unlocked, but con-artists and burglars don’t always need to be able to pick locks or break in. If you can’t see who’s on the…

27 October, 2015

Nothing but Treats from UAP this Halloween!

The only thing on offer from UAP this Halloween is a treat! With any order from us over £150 you will receive 3 FREE bags of sweets. Our not so scary Halloween Promotion will be on offer all week, from the 26th of October until the 31st. With burglaries increasing by 20% between Halloween and…

19 October, 2015

UAP Help Battle Burglaries

With National Home Security Month in full swing we want to give you some essential home security tips to help battle burglaries this autumn: 1) Lock up! Yes, this also means when you are in your house. It only takes a second to lock a door behind you once you’ve entered your home, so keep it…

5 October, 2015

Anti-Bump, Anti-Drill, Anti-Pick, Anti-Burglar!

We want to see burglars left out in the cold this autumn and that’s why UAP are supporting the National Home Security Month campaign. With anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick security features on our locks and doors, you won't go wrong this autumn! With burglaries peaking around this period, it…

1 October, 2015

UAP Get Serious about Security

62% of burglaries take place in the dark, so with the amount of daylight hours we have declining, it’s time to get serious about security! October has been named National Home Security Month, and it’s time to get your homes secured to the max with MAX6MUM Security products. Here at UAP we…

29 September, 2015

Door Hardware that’s Right on Q

Document Q, will come into effect on the 1st of October, and will feature the new government guidelines covering security of ‘easily accessible’ doors and windows in homes. The guidelines are to help builders and those in the construction industry meet new standards set out by the Building…

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