Door Opening Tools

Here at UAP we offer a range of door opening tools, including the UAP uPVC and Composite Door Opening Kit which has been designed for those people who need to gain lawful access to a domestic property, door installers, or who are just starting out in the locksmith trade!

The uPVC door opening kit has been specifically designed to gain entry into both newer composite door types, as well as uPVC doors, but can also be used on other doors that use Euro Cylinders – including high security PAS24 doors. The objective is simple – to gain quick access to a property with as little damage to the actual door as possible. The perfect situation is to have zero damage to the door, the hardware or the lock but unless you practice, this will be highly unlikely. Instead, our objective is to enable you to limit any damage to the door itself (which is the expensive part) and instead damage the euro cylinder and outer door handle, if necessary.

You will need to decide what you are facing, and get an idea of what has happened, before undertaking any tasks. It may be as simple as the customer has mislaid their keys or even locked themselves out. Alternatively, it could be a jammed locking mechanism. You need to know what type of door you are dealing with, and then determine how you are going to go about resolving the issue. All of these factors will alter the way in which you carry out a task, and the tools you use.