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Genuine Lishi auto locksmith tools are recognised around the globe as they consistently impress on all levels and are completely innovative, original and unique. Professional locksmiths consider Genuine Lishi auto vehicle merchandise to be extremely desirable and sought-after as each and every item is designed with the greatest care and attention to detail and they know that they are getting a quality produce created by experienced and fully-qualified specialists.

Backed by an unrivalled LIFETIME GUARANTEE against manufacturing faults and errors, Genuine Lishi tools are known as something which is not only of the very highest standard, but is also versatile, multifunctional and simple to operate. Due to the fact that Genuine Lishi supplies are produced under strict guidelines and restrictions all equipment is thoroughly inspected before delivery as it is our primary aim to ensure that everything is in perfect working order, and that we adhere to strict H&S regulations. The Genuine Lishi logo is a guarantee of superiority and excellence, as we have no association whatsoever with inferior tooling or substandard supplies

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Genuine Lishi tools have been developed to protect car door locks and vehicles and leave no hint of being used, unlike other, similar products which are available on the market. Genuine Lishi tooling has also been created specifically for speed, with the majority of items getting the job done in less than 3 minutes; which is impressive by anyone’s standards! They are designed to fit into locks smoothly and, even though they are incredibly durable and robust they are still gentle enough to work with the most delicate of locks.

The Genuine Lishi range of merchandise offers everything you could possibly imagine. From the latest Genuine Lishi 3-in-1 Ignition Adjusted Tools to Genuine Lishi 2-in-1’s (their predecessor) to versatile, adaptable Genuine Lishi Readers and Decoders right through to Genuine Lishi Vices; there is something which will satisfy even the most discerning of locksmiths.

Genuine Lishi is the brand which features a variety of quality auto locksmith tools, which cover nearly all makes of vehicle. The fantastic collection of fault free, flawless Genuine Lishi tools continues to expand and grow and our catalogue of training materials are reviewed on a regular basis and updated accordingly, so as to always have the correct lock tool for the latest car models and makes. We have even developed an iPhone and Android app, which allows locksmiths to search for their perfect Genuine Lishi tools to use on different makes and models of cars, as well as containing a number of video and PDF tutorials and information guides!

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