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Salamander® – Fire Rated Door Hardware

Fire Resistant Door Hardware from UAP has been created with usability and flexibility in mind, and each and every piece of quality Fire Check Door Hardware can be customised if needs be so that it perfectly matches all specific requirements. Fire Check Letterplates come with a plethora of rewarding features, and feature a revolutionary intumescent lining which has the unique ability to expand against heat which has radiated directly from a fire. The intumescent lining expands to 50 times its size, sealing any gaps in the door hardware. It is also activated at 5 degrees lower than any other intumescents available, meaning that the gaps are sealed faster and less smoke is able to get through the door. This in turn helps prevent a fire from spreading onto the door for at least 1 hour.

Our unbeatable collection of long-lasting, cost-effective Fire Resistant Door Hardware also features Patented non-heat absorbing washers which hold the attaching metal fittings, thus preventing heat from transferring from the metal plate onto the door. Fire Check Door Hardware is accompanied by many other benefits, which offer protection and security against potential hazards such as vandalism, damage, burglary-and much more.

Fire Check Door Viewers are just as impressive as Fire Check Letterplates, and offer incredible value for money. They have been awarded the prestigious ‘Secured by Design’ seal of approval from the Association of Chief Police Officers, and comply with the most stringent and regimented of DHF TS 01:2009 standards. Each and every item of Fire Check Door Hardware has undergone rigorous testing and inspection in order to make sure that it reaches you in immaculate condition.

As well as investing in Fire Check Door Hardware, it may be wise to also take a look at our extensive catalogue of faultless Door Handles, Door Knockers, Locks and Cylinders and really go all out. You need to take the necessary precautions, and to do this effectively it is worth purchasing top of the range Fire Check Door Hardware as it is quite simply unbeatable!