Blog 10 Burglary Statistics to Help you Sell Secure Doors!

10 Burglary Statistics to Help you Sell Secure Doors!

Published on 10 November, 2016


It’s a fact that this time of the year sees the biggest rise in burglaries; and for that reason it’s essential to equip homeowners with doors that can defend their property. That includes having door hardware which has been designed with high security in mind.


Not sure they will be convinced? Here are 10 Burglary Statistics that will help you sell secure doorsets with high security furniture: 

1) A burglary happens every 40 seconds.



Many aren’t even aware how common a burglary is, meaning they have no idea how important it is to take precautions.

 2) Last winter saw a 25% rise in burglary claims. 


Winter gives thieves plenty of opportunity to commit crime. With Christmas parties to attend, family to visit and shopping trips to be taken, people are away from their homes for longer; and with dark evenings and lights off – it’s easy for robbers to spot who’s out. At this time of year it’s more essential then ever to consider the level of security in a home.

 3) The front door is the most tried route of entry. 



Which is why it shouldn’t be the weakest part of the home. If security measures are going to be taken – this is a good place to start. From door chains, to ID slots, door viewers and having an effective locking system, there are many ways to ensure the door is prepared to defend a property.

 4) Forcing the lock is the most common way a potential thief will try and enter a property.


We supply cylinders which are both 1 star and 3 star BSi Kitemarked, as well as Secured by Design approved – proving they have security features that can stand up to a number of lock breaking techniques including drilling, picking, bumping and snapping.



 5) In the last year more than half a million British homes have been broken into.


Most think it will never happen to them – perhaps if they knew how many people it does happen to…

 6) A domestic burglary costs the average homeowner around £2,178.

The extra money spent ensuring their door is of a high quality with adequate hardware doesn’t seem too bad compared to this, does it?

 7) 60% of burglary victims never feel safe in their homes again.


Many even resort to moving house just to feel secure again.

 8) 40% of burglaries happen when a house is empty.

when homeowners aren’t around to protect their property they need the reassurance that everything is secure.

 9) 25% of Brits admit to having no home security at all.



Many aren’t securing their homes – perhaps if they were, burglary statistics wouldn’t be so high.

  10) Household theft rises by 38% when the clocks go back.


Thieves now have the cover of night to help them hide their criminal activity – which means it is the most essential time of year to promote security!

If you want to ensure you’re providing your customers with the most secure doors possible, why not check out our full range of secure door hardware. All of our hardware has been tried and tested and we have a full Secured by Design approved range for both yours and your customers piece of mind: click here.

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